Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disney Cruise June 4, 2010

Sixth day on the cruise...or should I say the 6th morning at the port. We had to meet for breakfast at 6:45 in Parrot Cay to be able to eat. We stayed up till after 10:30 the night before, so the girls were not too happy about getting up, but we had a nice last breakfast! Ashlyn will surely miss the eggs in the morning and fish to eat all the time and Kaylyn will miss the Mickey ice cream bars for dinner every night!

Disney Cruise June 3, 2010

Our fifth day on the Disney cruise was spent at Castaway Cay again! Since they cancelled our excursion we had booked in Nassau, they gave us a complimentary Sea Horse Catamaran and Snorkel excursion. The fish were beautiful on this snorkel. They took us outside to the other side of the island where there was a very nice reef. After that, we at lunch at Cookie's BBQ on the island again. The girls enjoyed the melting chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, while I enjoyed the fresh, ripe mango and papaya. Then we went over to the family beach where there were two slides that went into the ocean. Kaylyn, Jake, and Ethan enjoyed these slides. Ashlyn just wanted to swim. As we were heading back to the boat, the girls begged to get their hair, it was expensive and painful! Not sure if they'll ever beg for that again :-) The girls did the Friendship Rocks kids' program in the Walt Disney Theatre. We had dinner at Parrot Cay. We stayed up late to attend the Till We Meet Again Party so we could sneak in a few pictures with some of the characters we missed.

Disney Cruise June 2, 2010

Our fourth day on the cruise was a day at sea. We participated in the Mickey 200 and won all the heats and came in second in the final. The night before, the kids' camp put a temporary tattoo and Ashlyn's throat. I was so mad about that and we tried EVERYTHING to get that sucker off. They couldn't even get it off. It took swimming in the pool for an hour and then rubbing really hard with a rough towel. We ate dinner at Animator's Palate. This is our favorite restaraunt. It was also optional semi-formal night, so we got a little dressed up.

Disney Cruise June 1, 2010

Our third day on the cruise was spent in Nassau. Our excursion was cancelled due to mechanical issues, so we book another excursion to Atlantis. It was pretty neat and we got some cool pictures. Atlantis had a bunch of cool swimming pools, salt water retention ponds with different sea creatures, a shark tank, an aquarium, the Dig and a casino. They also had their own private beach, but we didn't have time to do that. We ate dinner at Triton's again. It was pirate night, so we brought our pirate bandanas from last year and used them. Aaaaaarrrrrggggh! Disney was watching budget, so they didn't hand them out again this year!