Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 19, 20, & 21, 2011

Mommy went on a business trip to Warner Robins on Friday and Saturday. Daddy took the girls to the mall to eat and do the trampoline jump that is located outside of Dick's Sporting Goods. They've been begging for so long to do this and Daddy thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

On Saturday Daddy decided to take the girls to Disney. They started at Magic Kingdom and did most of the roller coasters. Then they headed to Epcot to do Test Track and some other stuff. Other than a little rain, it sounded like they had a really fun day. They got their picture taken with Princess Tiana (Princess & The Frog).

On Sunday, we headed over to St. Petersburg to Fort De Soto Beach where Sundi & Eric had a Beach Party. It was Sundi's birthday so we came to celebrate with her. It was hot, but fun. It was really nice seeing them and their family! Kaylyn even found sand dollars in the gulf.

August 13, 2011 Grandma E.'s 90th Birthday & Hawaiin Night at Church

My Mamaw J. had heart valve replacement surgery on Friday night. We saw her after the surgery and she had a hard time coming out of anesthesia, but by Saturday morning was doing well. We drove up to Daytona Beach in the morning to celebrate Grandma E.'s 90th birthday. The girls swam in the pool with Daddy, Nana, Papa, Uncle Justin, & Natasha. They had fun. Then we ate lunch, had birthday cake, and watched Grandma open her birthday presents.

After a little bit, we headed out back home to go to church. Church had a Hawaiin night afterwards and had free food, games, etc... It was pretty fun!

August 9, 2011 1st Day of School

First day of school, first day of school (as Nemo would say). The girls were real excited about going back to school. They are getting so big. Can't believe Kaylyn just turned 9 and is going into 4th grade and Ashlyn is now going into 2nd grade. Amazing how time flies. They had a great first day and they loved their teachers. In fact, they had a wonderful first week of school.

VBS on August 3, 2011

So the Gold Rush VBS at Faith Baptist Church had a dress like a Westerner day. The girls had fun dressing up for this. They went to four different VBSs over the summer and thoroughly enjoyed each of them!

Mamaw's Birthday August 2, 2011

My mom watched the girls on this day and it just so happened to be Mamaw's birthday. They took Mamaw to lunch. They had fun with Wai-po, Mamaw, cousin Mia, cousin CJ, and cousin Shyanne.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday July 31, 2011 Happy 9th Birthday Kaylyn

So this year Kaylyn wanted her birthday party at the new Chuck E. Cheese. So I booked it on her birthday at 11:00 am. Can't believe she is 9 now and going into the 4th grade already. Time sure does fly! She had a hard time sleeping the night before...went to bed at 9:00 pm, got up at 10:00 pm to let us know she forgot to take her vitamins, and up again at 11:00 pm to tell us that she couldn't sleep. Then she got up at 6:00 am and was ready for her party. We let her open our gift and Aunt Kara's gift first thing in the morning. We got her a color Nook since she loves reading so much and Aunt Kara, Uncle Chris, & Kalia got her a color Nook cover. She was so excited!

At Chuck E. Cheese, we had 25 kids come and about 38 adults. It was a big party and all the kids and parents had fun. Kaylyn got almost 800 tickets in the ticket blaster and ended up with over 1500 tickets after she was done playing games. She picked a robot panda for Ashlyn with her tickets...that was very sweet of her! That was Ashlyn's first time to a Chuck E. Cheese and she had a blast also. She just kept wanting tickets...and with her tickets she got cotton candy :-) Just what she needed!

After the party, we went with Nana & Papa back to our house to open all the gifts with Grandma. Kaylyn got so much for her birthday and she was very thankful. After Nana, Papa, & Grandma left, we drove to Barnes & Noble to exchange the Color Nook case to her choosing and ordered a few books on her nook (and got her free birthday cupcake). Then we went to Justice to use her gift cards...with a coupon we had, she got 3 shirts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of capris for $35. Then we went to two Target stores to find what she wanted with her Target gift cards and she ended up getting three DVDs (Open Season 3, What's New Scooby Doo Season 2, and Shrek the Final Chapter). Since she couldn't find what she wanted at Target, we went to Walmart and she used the cash she got to buy the Rapunzel Hair Braiding doll. So she used up all her gift cards and money, except the remaining gift cards for B&N which are credited to her account to buy books on her Nook and a gift card to Books A Million (will have to go another time since it's up in Viera).

Thank you everyone for sharing in this special day with Kaylyn...these are memories that will last forever!