Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday September 11, 2009

So, Calvary Chapel Academy started a new sport at their school this year...Swimming. We thought that would be really cool for Kaylyn to join and so did about 40 other parents. At the meeting to go over what exactly Swimming would consist of, about half the parents and children left when told that practices would be held at 6:15 am Tuesday and Thursday down in Palm Bay. We actually considered not allowing her to join because of this reason. I mean, she can be cranky enough without getting up at 5:45 am two days a week. In the end, we decided we would try it with the contract of not giving attitude due to lack of sleep and not allowing it to affect her grades.

Well, it's about a month after practices started and their first meet was this past Saturday. I haven't seen Kaylyn practice and I know that she has never known what the freestyle, back stroke, or breast stroke was before swimming practice. I was absolutely blown away with how good she became at these strokes in just a month! She placed second in the free style, had the lead in the freestyle relay with her team which came in third, came in 1st with the back stroke, and came in 1st with the breast stroke. This is one competitive sport that she may end up really enjoying and being very good at. I'm very proud of my little sweet pea!

Ashlyn really wants to do it, but is still learning how to swim without her swim vest on. She was a little jealous at the swim meet, but when Kaylyn was up for competition, she came through and cheered her on and said, "Kaylyn's fast and strong!" Hopefully next year Ashlyn will be a good enough swimmer to be able to join the team. They both absolutely love swimming.

In remeberance of 9/11, the kids wore red, white, and blue ribbon on their flip flops! America, we will never forget all the lives that were lost on that day!!!

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  1. So cute!!! I love how happy she is! Her body is built perfectly for swimming...long long LONG limbs everywhere. That's so awesome that she did so well, go Kaylyn!!

    Love you!