Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, Teeth Pulled, & Christmas Tree

We first went to mamaw's house for Thanksgiving. Wai-gong, Uncle Josh, Uncle Steven, Aunt Amy, and cousin Tyler were there. It was a very nice visit with them. Then we drove over to Wai-po & Wai-gong's house for Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family. Aunt Kara & Uncle Chris, Mamaw & Papaw, Grandma & Grandpa Drago, Aunt Arrietta with Riley & Ellie, & Uncle Tim & Aunt Demi with Taylor were all there. We found out that Aunt Kara was ~ 13 weeks pregnant! It was a very pleasant shock. The shock was more for her keeping it secret and running a half marathon only a few weeks ago. We all told what we were thankful for, and when it was Wai-po's turn, she cried while telling what she was thankful for, including her newer granddaughter Ashlyn. Ashlyn saw Wai-po crying, and she looked so sad, she almost cried then. But instead, she waited till it was her turn and just started full out balling her eyes out. She was so emotionally upset, we had to calm her down, and we reassured her that everything was alright and we loved her. It was so sweet & sad. The food was so yummy!

So Ashlyn finally got her two teeth pulled this morning. Gave her some valium this morning, an hour before "surgery". Then we went in, they gassed her with nitrous oxide, which made her think everything was funny until the novacaine shots came. After the numbing was complete, it literally took 2 seconds per tooth to pull out. Then they gave her oxygen to get the nitrous oxide out of her system and she was ready to go. The teeth are still bleeding a little, but nothing too serious. She keeps wanting to eat things she shouldn't be eating and I'm afraid she'll get something stuck in one of the "holes". Both teeth had cavities that the dentist didn't even know about. I'll have to show Dr. Tuttle the next visit so she can start getting x-rays done to see if there are any more.
After awhile, Jason got the Christmas tree out of the attic and we set it up. Then the girls put the ornaments on the tree. They had fun, even through the arguing about whose turn it was. Here's some pictures.

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  1. It was so fun getting to see you!! Maaaan...look at that big 'ol belly!!! :-D Ashlyn's teeth were freaking HUGE!! Seriously.

    Love the pics in front of the Cmas tree!! I'll post my Turkey Day pics soon and send you a link!

    Love you!