Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The first day of our Memorial Day weekend was spent at doctor's appointments and then off to check into our hotel (Double Tree at Downtown Disney). First I had my ob/gyn yearly visit, then allergy shots, and then off to Ashlyn's ENT. Great news is that she can get her ear wet again...bad news is there's not much hearing improvement...some, but not much. The graph showed what her ear nerve is capable of and there was a big gap between that and her actual hearing. We'll see what the ear doctor in Tampa says. So the first day was spent at Downtown Disney, where we went to the AMC Theatres and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D in their new dine-in theatre section (way expensive). Then we went to Disney Quest and played a few games. It got to be late, so we went back to the hotel after trying to catch a bus in the rain for an hour and a half. Wasn't too thrilled about the non-Disney hotel buses! Do not recommend staying off property unless you drive everywhere. No pictures from the first evening.

The second day we went to Magic Kingdom. Kaylyn loves Space Mountain now and says she will ride next to Ashlyn next time because she doesn't need me to hold her anymore! We forced her to go on Splash Mountain this time and she actually enjoyed it saying it wasn't too bad and she liked it a little. We did a lot this day...almost everything except Tomorrowland.

Day 3 of our vacation we went to Animal Kingdom. We did everything in Animal Kingdom except a Bug's Life and the Lion King show. Kaylyn actually semi enjoyed Mount Everest this time, so I think she's starting to get used to roller coasters now. She even said she wanted to try the Rockin Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios the next time we went! We'll see if she actually does, but we are one step closer to be able to go to roller coaster theme parks like Islands of Adventure and such.

The fourth day we went over to the Outlet Mall near International Drive and got the girls some new shoes, Kaylyn some new shorts, me some new shoes and a few new clothes for Jason and I. Pretty good deals, but we spent too much money. It was time to head home! Great, tiring Memorial Day weekend vacation.

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  1. Oh good! When Kalia gets big enough to go on roller coaster rides, her Aunt Jennifer can take her!! I grew into them and then grew right out of them...I'm still a bumper cars fan! That...and I'll hold everyone's stuff while you guys go on the scary rides. When the thrill at the end of the ride is that I made it through it alive...well, I can have that thrill from the ground!! Haha...some things don't change!

    Looks like a fun weekend! Love you guys!!