Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday September 4, 2011 Animal Kingdom Lodge with Sprinkles

So we decided to take it easy on this day and hang out at the lodge.  We invited our friends the Sprinkles to join us.  There are two "houses" to go between at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and they both have their huge swimming pools with different slides and areas.  There were also some activities for the kids (almost as much as being on the Disney boat).  After each of these activities, the kids would earn a bead to put on their twine.  On this day we did four of the activities; Animal Tracking- where we used trackers to find a Mickey mouse doll that had a tracking device on, Animal Enrichment - where the kids made a wreath of leaves for the animals and the guides actually took them out and we got to see a giraffe and zebra eat ours, Music of the Savanna - they played drums and other instruments to represent water, plants, and animals, & Have You Hear? - an animal noise was played and we had to guess from which animal it came from...the finale was hard to distinguish between the leopard and the lion.  In between all of this, we swam, ate lunch, and walked around to see all the animals at the lodge. We also enjoyed the night vision of the animals (got to use night goggles after the sun went down).  We could see at least two giraffes and one small animal...I think it was a gazelle.  We also saw some fireflies, which I hadn't seen in awhile in Florida.  It was a very fun day spent with really good friends!

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  1. What cool place to stay! That would be awesome to be able to watch the animals from your room. I can't believe how different Ashlyn looks now, I had to show Steve her picture. Her hair has gotten a lot longer over the year.