Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 26, 2013 - Science Fair & Woman Engineer Award's Banquet

So, this year I got nominated again for new woman engineer for SWE (Society of Women Engineers) through my work.  We RSVP'ed to go and NG was paying for it.  So that same day was the science fair judging at CCA.  We got the call later that day that Ashlyn placed and it was highly encourage for us to attend.  Taylor was watching the girls that night and we asked Mamaw if she could take them to the Science Fair Award ceremony, which she gladly did and took pictures for us.  Ashlyn was elated to get placed in the science fair, whereas Kaylyn was very upset and threw a temper tantrum from the time I picked her up at school until we left for the banquet.

What was funny was that Kaylyn's won 1st and 2nd place the previous two years, so this is the first time she has not placed.  She's very good at bragging, so when I heard that Ashlyn said on the way home from the Award Ceremony, "I placed in the science fair and you didn't," to Kaylyn, Jason and I just laughed.  Mamaw pulled her aside after that and talked to her about how that wasn't nice and how would she like it if Kaylyn did the same thing to her.


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