Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014 - Fort Wilderness

Our friends Teri and Bryan went camping at Fort Wilderness and invited us to come up for the afternoon/evening to spend with them at Chip n' Dale's Campfire Sing Along.  We were stopping by Target before we headed out to get Kaylyn's medicine and to get the stuff for the S'mores when Ashlyn didn't look so hot.  She spiked a 102 fever and Jason dropped us off at urgent care.  She woke up complaining of her throat hurting and sure enough, strep throat positive (after four hours in urgent care).  I had Jason drop her and I off back home and the rest of the family went over to Fort Wilderness.  Aunt Tara met them all over there, so I think Kaylyn and Jesse had a lot of fun.  Bryan grilled dinner and they ate before heading to the camp fire.  They didn't make it to see the fireworks.  The kids were too tired and wanted to leave beforehand.

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