Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Weekend

This has been a very long weekend. It was Kaylyn's birthday weekend. Friday after Art Camp was done, we went to a birthday dinner at Carrabbas and then to see a Magic Show at church from an Illusionist Christian couple. She really enjoyed that and kept asking, "Mommy, how'd they do that?" Saturday morning we had Kaylyn's last basketball game. Then we had the birthday party at the Bear Factory in the mall with 19 kids. They all had a blast! Then we went to church Saturday night. Today we went grocery shopping, went to Toys 'R Us to spend the gift cards and money from her birthday, went to Target to return a duplicate and get something else, went to Old Navy to use the 30% off coupon for a good cause (got Kaylyn & Ashlyn some matching outfits for when we go to China), went to Famous Footwear to get new running shoes for me (and got Kaylyn another pair since it was buy one get one 1/2 off), and then to the mall to see if we saw anything at the Children's Gap to use the 30% off coupon there also. But alas, there was nothing in the Gap we liked. Now Kaylyn is in bed early not feeling too good from all the shopping today. I think she's just really exhausted. Hopefully she feels better to start zoo art camp tomorrow :-)

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