Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Once we got our LSC in the mail to us yesterday, I started another paperwork adventure. Have to get the Travel Information Sheet and Parent Information Sheet along with the officially signed acceptance letter for the LSC, copy of the approval I-797C, and a DS-230 Application all filled out and sent over to the agency along with the DS-230 fee to send over to China by Friday. Also filled out the I800 application and I864W application along with copies of all the file documents that were given to us about Ashlyn and the other necessary papers to go to USCIS for the approval of Ashlyn. Hopefully, I can get that out in the mail tomorrow! This only took us (I mean me) four hours to complete :-)

Once all the paperwork is submitted it becomes another waiting game. The next step that we are waiting on is the TA (Travel Approval). This should give us the estimated time frame for travel. They won't send anyone over to China between ~ September 10th to the middle of October I believe. So our best guess right now is travel near the end of October.

Ashlyn, hang on baby...Mommy, Daddy, and Kaylyn will get to you as soon as we can. We love you very much and can't wait for you to join our family forever!

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