Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TA Almost Here!

Alright, we were told today that our TA will be sent soon so we'll hopefully get it by early next week. Not sure what kind of time frame there is right now between when you get your TA and when you travel. I think there is some kind of trade fair in Guangzhou during the end of October, so not sure what that means either. When we get our TA, they try to get us the next available consulate appointments and then we can make our travel arrangements. We're sitting on pins and needles just waiting to know when we our going to get our little girl.

On another happy note, we got Ashlyn's furniture delivered today, so now her bedroom is mostly complete. We just need to get both Kaylyn and Ashlyn their own bookshelves for their rooms, which we'll hopefully do this weekend. Ashlyn will also need a desk like Kaylyn for her own computer and homework place. We did fix all the patches from when we took everything down off the walls and touched up all the paint, so it looks like a brand new room. So exciting!

At least this gives me a little more to tell people this week instead of the same old "I don't know" shrug I've been giving everybody when they ask, "so, when are you going to pick up your daughter". Hopefully I'll have more good news by the beginning of next week, but until then...God Bless.

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