Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday February 24, 2011

So, Kaylyn has always wanted to win a fruit of the spirit award...ever since I can remember (maybe pre-K). Well, God planned it perfectly. I had setup an 8 year wellness checkup for Ashlyn and it just happened to fall on Thursday 2/24. So I went to the school to pick up Ashlyn and take her to her 10:00 am appt. See the doctor only sees wellness patients between 10 and 2. So I get to the school and they're in chapel. So I go over to chapel to get Ashlyn and the 1st-3rd graders are in there. Right when I get there, I hear Kaylyn's name being called and Mrs. Smith said, "She just got the fruit of the spirit award for kindness." I beamed with joy and tears almost started coming down my eyes. She finally won! I kept telling her if she was faithful enough, she would get an award one year. She says that third grade is the last year they give out these awards to students. She didn't know I was there until she went to sit down. She absolutely gleamed. I was so proud of her. Here's a picture of her with her Monument project and her Fruit of the Spirit Award.

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  1. Oh yay!! Good job Kaylyn!! That's awesome! :-)

    Love you guys...can't wait to see you on Tuesday!