Monday, February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration

On Sunday February 20, 2011, we headed over to Orlando to celebrate the Chinese New Year with our Adoption Agency's Florida families. It's a little late, but found out the reason was to schedule it around the football season so the husbands didn't get in trouble again for watching football in the lobby. They had a silent auction, door prizes, dancing, and an acrobat. The food was delicious! Kaylyn only had one meltdown and Ashlyn only acted "weird" a couple of times. I say "weird" because she does this thing when she gets sad or some other weird feelings come out and she all of a sudden acts really tired and gets her face right in mine. She did this a lot when we first got back from China. She seems to do this a lot when we get around a lot of Chinese people...not sure if it brings back memories or why she gets like that. Anyway, overall the girls seemed to enjoy it.

Kaylyn coloring

Daddy's little girls

Kaylyn and Ashlyn pushing the roof

Ashlyn getting her groove on

Kaylyn showing some moves

The girls in the line dance

Kaylyn doing the limbo

Ashlyn doing the limbo

Ashlyn dancing some more

Mommy showing Ashlyn how to do the Macarana

Balancing twirling plates on poles

Balancing twirling plates on poles while balancing on her head

Balancing two glasses of water

Balancing a twirling plate

The acrobat is balancing a table on some poles while twirling ribbons

All the kids together

John, Angela, and Kayla Rawls (hope I got their names right)- travelled in our group to China

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