Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still Recovering

Oh I know why they say it's harder as an adult to get your tonsils out. I think they are just plain bigger and more rooted when they take them out. Believe it or not, the first couple of days were not the worst, but the 6-8 (and maybe more because this is day 8) are the worst. I have to continually watch for bleeding and when I see it, I have to drink very cold ice water to stop the bleeding. As long as I can keep it under control, I'm fine. I'm very nervous about not being able to control it and having to go the ER. It's a fear that I'm struggling with, but am getting better with. The pain medicine can no longer keep up with the pain like it could. By hour 3 my throat is hurting for more pain meds, but I can only take it every 4 hours. Now I know why they gave me two huge bottles of pain meds with a refill, which I've refilled. I never wanted to be on pain meds this long, but I think I might literally die of pain if I didn't take them.

So I went to the ENT for post-op yesterday. The nurse was amazed at how much the ENT had done to me all at once and she was glad she did because it's easier to go through one surgery rather than multiple surgeries. The ENT was going to de-scab my nose for quicker, better healing. Well, the inside of my nose is still so swollen, she couldn't do it and we rescheduled it for next week. At least I can mostly breathe out of my nose now, because I couldn't for the first 4 days after surgery. I've been using a saline solution in a bottle to flush out my nose a couple of times a day. It still bleeds though and is very sore to touch, especially after the appt yesterday with the attempt to de-scab my nose. I will be such a happy camper when all of this recovery stuff is done and I can resume a normal life with hopefully better health.

If anyone is considering having anything like this done, feel free to email me and ask me about it. I hope I have posted enough on it to give you an idea, and hopefully in next couple of weeks I can do a post-recovery post on here to let you know how much it has helped.


  1. Continuing to pray, dear sister in Christ.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon.