Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ashlyn and I Are Recovering & Easter

First of all, let's talk about Ashlyn's ear recovery. She had her ear doctor appointment in Tampa on Monday. He took the inner ear packing out and was ready to put more in and decided that it looked good enough to keep it out. He suctioned out the remains of the skin graft and other stuff. We have to blow dry her ear 3 times a day (using a tiny funnel and blow dryer). It still cannot get wet. We have an appointment with her ENT here to do a hearing test and check-up on Friday May 27th and if everything looks good we will start flushing it out with a solution three times a day. When this occurs, she can start getting it wet again then. We have another appointment scheduled near the end of June if the hearing test isn't any better to discuss options we can do during the next surgery at the end of the year. So we’re one step closer ;-)

Now let's talk about my recovery. Let's just say, adults better be prepared for some serious pain when getting a tonsillectomy. This Thursday will be four weeks since the surgery. My throat only hurts now when I yawn, and it's not an excruciating hurt anymore. My nose is still a little stuffy, but is slowly getting drier and drier and hurting less and less when knocked into (kids & dog giving kisses). I would hope that in another week, I should be fully recovered, if I'm guestimating my body correctly ;-)

I never got around to posting Easter pictures. We went to Daytona Beach Shores to visit with Nana & Papa at there condo on the river/beach. We had a nice time. On the way home, we stopped at Wai-po and Wai-gongs house to see Aunt Kara one last time before they headed back over to Clearwater. Here are some pictures.

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