Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CCA's Award Ceremony

Today was the award ceremony for each of the classes. Ashlyn of course strutted across the stage, while Kaylyn was shy walking across the stage. We are so proud of our little girls. Kaylyn is graduating 3rd grade with straight A's for the year yet again. Ashlyn is graduating 1st grade with Honor Roll, making all A's and B's all year except one C. We are amazed at how far Ashlyn has come with never having attended a school before a year and a half ago and now making Honor Roll. This would definitely be thanks to all the people around her that have helped her make these great strides (Her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Smith and her assistant Mrs. Rosborough, her tutor Mrs. Lucas, and her speech therapists Mrs. Janelle and Mrs. Kristin).

Ashlyn got the award for Determination

Kaylyn got the award for Sincerity

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  1. What smarties you have!! That is such an amazing accomplishment for Ashlyn, it's amazing what's she's overcome in the last year.