Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jason & Ashlyn in Tampa September 26th

Here is a picture my sister Kara emailed us of when Jason and Ashlyn drove over to Tampa to see Ashlyn's ear doctor.  They met Kara and Kalia at Sonny's for lunch.  Notice Ashlyn's blue mouth after eating a blue lollipop from the doctor's office.  This was one of the only moments that Kalia was not crying.  Jason took Kalia and walked around outside so that Kara could eat and talk to Ashlyn.  Kalia is getting so big and cute with her big blue eyes!  Guess we'll be staying with them when we go over for Ashlyn's ear surgery again and  this time Kaylyn can go with us since the girls are out of school.  Kaylyn will be so excited to go see them!

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  1. Poor Kalia looks so sad here!! I'm excited that you guys are coming to stay, you'll get to see Kalia when she's not over tired and fussy - yay!!!

    Can't wait to see you guys!! Love you!