Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday October 22, 2011 Swim Meet

The Calvary Chapel Academy Eagles swim team had their second to last swim meet at Gleason park this past Saturday at 1:00 pm.  The kids did really well, especially Ashlyn improving her speed on the free style.  She improved from 1 min 16 sec to 49 sec, shaving 27 seconds off her time!  We were so very proud of her and she was ecstatic!  Kaylyn of course did well, including in one of the relays, she was last at swimming and caught her team up who was almost a lap behind.  The two teams practically tied (in fact, I think they did).  After the swim meet, the team had their end of the season party at the park where Mrs. Lynette did a wonderful job at preparing for this.  It was a wonderful place to have the party and was very nicely done.  It was a nice Saturday afternoon!

The Swim Team for Calvary Chapel Academy Eagles

Kaylyn getting ready to dive in for the Medley where she swam the butterfly

Kaylyn swimming the butterfly

Ashlyn did amazing at the freestyle...she improved her time by 27 seconds!  We were all very proud of her!!!

The kids at the end of the season swim party after the swim meet

Kaylyn loves Rachel!

Coach Hutzler and Coach Pickard giving Kaylyn her swimming award

Coach Hutzler and Coach Pickard giving Ashlyn her swimming award as she winks for the camera


  1. Way to go girls!!! You'll be swimming circles around the boys next summer!

  2. So cute!! They both look so happy with the swimming, I'm glad they had a great year doing it! I love that Ashlyn's improved so much! Kaylyn's butterfly picture is pretty impressive...her arms look like gumby arms!

    Love you guys!! Oh, and your new blog design is really cute!!