Monday, March 26, 2012

March 23, 2012 CCA's Arts in the Commons

CCA had their annual Arts in the Commons where we as parents get to go to the school and listen to our kids sing and then buy their art work framed.  Kaylyn's class did one song with the recorder (and it was actually pretty good) and then sang two songs.  Ashlyn's class did two short songs with bells, a short song with spanish numbers (Ashlyn was Ocho, but she kept holding it up when they said Seis) and then a normal song.  Later CCA's Regal Choir sang three songs, which Kaylyn is in.  I'm really amazed at how far Kaylyn has come with her singing.  She sounds so sweet when she sings and yet still carries her voice across.  It was very cute!  Ashlyn drew a cat again and Kaylyn drew a tiger.  They are definitely better than last year, but they don't get their artistic talents from their daddy...unfortunately, they get it from  me :-)  I forgot to snap a pic of their art...sorry.

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