Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hershey Track Meet & Basketball Game

UPDATE:  Kaylyn got 4th place in the softball throw and 6th place in the 50 meter in the county.  Very surprised she didn't place in the 100 meter.

This morning Kaylyn attended the Hershey Track Meet at Bayside High School.  She participated in the softball throw, the 50 meter, and the 100 meter.  Won't get the results for a week on where or if she placed in any.  She threw her first two softballs really far, and the third one not as far, but they take the farthest one.  Not sure how she compared to the others in her age range.  The 50 meter was hard to tell...she either got first, tied with first, or got second in her round.  The 100 meter she got first in her round.  I say round because they had so many kids in the race, they broke them up in rounds, so I believe the first and second place girls based on time will go to state.  I can't believe how awesome she did!  Very proud of her...and to think as the day went on, she got a low grade fever and full blown head cold by evening tonight!  Poor baby!

Daddy and Ashlyn had to leave the meet early because Ashlyn had a basketball game.  Apparently, she got head butted in the lip.  It bled pretty bad and she screamed and cried to daddy off the court.  The game didn't even stop while she was crying off the was like nobody noticed she got hurt.  When she stopped crying and the bleeding stopped, she went back into the game since they only had 5 players.

Here are some pictures of the brick pavers we put in recently around our back porch/pool area.  We are mostly happy about them.  Few complaints, but I am a perfectionist :-)  Please excuse the dirty pool...the jets are still blowing out a little dirt each day from the mess.  Jason has vacuumed a few times since and will do it again tomorrow.  Hopefully all of it has been pushed out now.

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  1. Wow, busy weekend at the Barton household!! Kaylyn's body type is built for swimming and running! Man, Hersey's track meet brings back some memories...Ashleigh and I became best friends through doing the relay race and making it to state a million years ago. I can't wait to hear her placings!!

    Poor Ashlyn with her lip :-(, I'm glad to hear she toughed it out and got back in the game though!

    Your pavers look awesome!! Pavers aren't perfect, I should've forwarned you on that! We had the same issue with perfection, haha! I like all of your statues where the trees used to be too, it really looks great together. Chris and I were saying it's been awhile since we've seen your yard, that tree in the back was pretty small the last time we were there!

    Excited to see you guys next weekend! Love you!