Thursday, May 10, 2012

GEMS Theme Day on Friday April 27th

The kids had their final GEMS class for the year and it was all about that year's theme.  They started at the children's ministry building and passed the torch.  Then we all walked across the street to the old Rodes Park where the games were setup.  They did olympic style games (balance beam, rowing, archery, swimming, and discus throw).  Jason and I were in charge of the rowing.  It was fun!  Afterwards, we had a pot luck meal with lots of food and desserts.  The girls had a blast!

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  1. maaan...your makeup looks good, who did it?!?! :-D The girls were so cute with Jess's wedding and Kalia. Kalia waited until we got home before she took off walking, but that'll be fun for the family reunion!

    The GEMS thing sounds like a lot of fun - such cute events that the girls will forever remember. What good parents :-). Love you guys!