Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Connect1NG's Inaugural Summer Games 2012 on June 2nd

After a lot of hard work from the Summer Games committee, especially the vice president Tara Allen, we successfully pulled off our Inaugural Summer Games.  There was a four-event competition including an obstacle/relay race, volleyball, dodgeball, and tug-of-war.  Our team The Justice League won 1st place in volleyball and 3rd place overall in the competition.  Jason's team Joint STARmageddon came close to getting third place in volleyball and tug-of-war.  We had 12 teams compete, including one team from St. Augustine, one team from Apopka, and one team from Orlando.  It was an awesome turnout and with all the volunteers, it was very successful.  At the same time, my dad had his company picnic at the same park.  So the girls went over there for part of the time and had a blast on their water slide.

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  1. dang, look at those triceps for volleyball Jenn!! Someone's been hitting the gym :-), haha, or just picking up a lot of things! Looks like a blast - I'm not sure which ones were the kids activities and which ones were the adults!

    We'll have to remember to bring our volleyball to bump around next month!

    Love you guys!