Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kalia's 1st Birthday Party - June 9, 2012

On Saturday June 9th, Daddy and the girls went over to my sister, Kara's house in the Tampa area to celebrate my niece, Kalia's 1st birthday.  Kalia's actually birthday was July 7th.  I was in Warner Robins, GA for a business trip unfortunately.  Daddy took lots of pictures though!  They enjoyed the pool and play area.  Kara, of course, outdid herself with the projects for this party as seen in some of the pictures below.  For her 1st birthday, we bought her a few outfits and I made her a digital scrapbook for her 1st year.  Here is Kalia's 1st Year Scrapbook  if you'd like to see it.  When the girls got home, Kaylyn's American Girl doll McKenna was waiting at the door that she had ordered earlier in the week with all of her earnings.  She was very excited about this and told me all about it on the phone.


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  1. I'm so glad the girls got to come, and that Jason took pictures of them with their chalk signs! I thought they missed writing them!

    Excited to see you guys in a few more weeks! Love you!