Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2012 - Day After Surgery

It is the day after surgery and we had to take the outer bandages off.  After taking the outer bandages off, we instilled five drops of the antibiotic ear drops and covered the inner ear packing with a cotton ball.  I tried to clean the outside of the ear with peroxide the best I could.  But as you can see by the pictures, the doctor basically cut her ear from top to bottom on the backside and pulled the ear away from the head to get in and do what he needed to do.  To do this, they had to shave a little bit of her hair off again.  No matter, her hair is like a weed and grows super fast! 

She has been in no pain at all amazingly.  The only pain she complained about was getting up this morning and her neck hurting from how she had to sleep (propped up on her pillow).  We've been giving her tylenol every four hours just in case, trying to keep on top of it in case there really is pain, but the tylenol is helping it.

Here's a few pictures of what the incision looks like so you can get the general idea.

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  1. How's Ashlyn doing after almost a week home? Hopefully still no pain! Love you guys!