Friday, September 7, 2012

September 1, 2012 Camping at Bahia Honda - Day 1

We went camping with the Sprinkle family again at Bahia Honda in the Keys.  It was a lot of fun again!  We got one of the campsites we got last time, so the kids got to explore the cove in front of our campsite for critters all the time.  They really enjoy this!  The first day was mostly travel and then setup, but then we headed over to the gulf side for swimming before it stormed.  Ashlyn couldn't get her ear wet, so Jason and I took turns with her when we were down at the beaches.  It was kind of hot for camping, but there was rain each night to cool it off a little and we had bought some mega fans for our tent (took 8 D batteries each).  The mosquitoes and noseeums were bad though, and no matter which bug spray we used, it didn't help much.  To make things easy we cooked burgers and hot dogs both nights.

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