Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 8, 2012 - Kaylyn's 1st Volleyball Game

Jason and I had a Dodgeball Tournament today for our Connect1NG at work.  We won one game, but lost the other two.  Afterwards we scrimmaged on volleyball and we did really well.  I'm going to be very sore tomorrow!  Kaylyn had her first volleyball game of the season later on that day.  She did pretty well.  She got the ball over for every serve.  She needs to work on her setting skills, but we can practice that.  She seemed to have fun!  Their first set they only lost 25 to 20, but the second set they lost 25 to 9.  They've only been practicing for two weeks, so not too much was expected.

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  1. Good job Kaylyn. Keep up the great efforts but make sure you always have fun while you're doing it!

    Meanwhile, dodgeball?!? Haven't played that since I was in elementary school! :) Glad to know it's still around.

    Love you - Dad