Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 16, 2012 - Mystery Reader

So, I volunteered to be a mystery reader in Ashlyn's class on October 26th, but because of Hurricane Sandy, the schools were closed.  So this past Friday, November 16th, I was able to go in and do it because I had worked so much the week before, I was able to offset Friday.  I gave the teacher 10 clues about me, so the students had to try and guess who was coming in.  The last clue gave it away for a lot of the kids (I have a 10 and 9 year old daughter). 

I chose the book "Three Names of Me."  Very well written story about a Chinese girl who was adopted by an American family.  It describes how she had three names; one when she was born by her Chinese birth parents that was whispered to her, one that she was named at the orphanage, and one that she was named by her adoptive parents.  It's a beautiful story, and it gave me the opportunity to stop throughout the book and answer questions and relate it to Ashlyn.  The kids had a lot of questions and they were so cute!  The illustrations were very well done too, and was said so by many of the students.  If you're interested, the book is written by Mary Cummings and Illustrated by Lin Wang.  It also has some Chinese words in it that most kids have probably already heard.

We went to a birthday party yesterday and I happened to ask the mom if she had heard that I had been the mystery reader.  She said that her child was telling her all about it and started crying while telling the story.  Kids are so sweet and it's really cool when you can touch a child's heart like that!

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