Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 23, 2012 - Stone Mountain

Today is Shawn & Samantha's Wedding, but it isn't until 7:30 pm, so we decided to go to Stone Mountain during the day.  This is the first time that all of us, except Daddy, had been.  It was really neat.  We were very disappointed though because they have a portion called Snow Mountain where they blow snow for a play area and have toboggans that go down hills.  The reason we were disappointed was that it was sold out!  Ashlyn was very upset because she had never seen snow.  Well, she got to see it, but not touch it.  Overall, the mountain was fun though.  We rode the Sky Ride up the mountain and then we hiked back down the mountain and took a very scenic nature trail.  Overall, I got 23,000 steps just at the park (that's more than I get at Disney).

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  1. We went years ago, but they didn't have all the fun stuff then!