Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014 - 4th Grade Field Trip

Ashlyn's class went on a field trip to St. Augustine.  A couple of her friends and another parent (Coach Michelle) got to ride up with us.  We went on a walking tour and got to walk through downtown St. Augustine.  We toured the Fort where they shot off a cannon (super loud).  Then we went back to downtown St. Augustine to a Spanish Bakery where we were given lunch.  After lunch we saw a few things in downtown before going to the Spanish Hospital Museum tour, where Ashlyn got scared and cried.  The guy was pretty graphic when explaining some of the medical procedures and what tools they used.  She sat in my lap after that and felt safer :-)  After the hospital tour, we went to an old school house that we also toured.  Before heading back home, we stopped at a frozen custard store and had some.  It was very yummy!

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