Friday, July 10, 2009

And so it begins...

Tonight we start our blog...a little late, but better late than never. We have been looking at a lot of other people's blogs who are in the same process as we are. We think that they've been helpful, so we thought that maybe ours might be helpful to someone else.

We have been praying for a swift LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation). We are on day # 30 and waiting. Haven't been getting much hope since we keep seeing everyone else waiting 80+ days even though our agency has told us 30-75 days. We'll just have to keep praying and remember that God's timing is the perfect timing.

Can't wait to go to China to get our Ashlyn!

Also, please pray for all the people in China right now. They are having major flooding in some areas and in others they are having bad riots; none which effect Ashlyn right now, thank God!


  1. I'm glad you guys have decided to blog about your journey. I was just telling Eric I hoped you would. We're praying you receive your letter quickly and know Ashlyn will be blessed with the care package you guys are sending. Love you guys!

  2. Great idea! Now I won't ask you 1000 questions every time I see you :)