Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10, 2010 1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school! The girls were very excited this morning. I had to talk Jason out of heading down to the school to walk the girls from before care to their classrooms and then again out of going to eat lunch with them. Talk about ruining a routine before it even starts :-) He was so funny about how nervous he was for Ashlyn's first day at the school. Mrs. Lucas picked her up from after care to tutor her and she said she did very well today! Starting to read a little more fluent, so we're getting there. Kaylyn couldn't stop talking about how much she liked Mrs. Bo! The first thing Ashlyn said when I asked her about school was, "I like Mrs. Smith!" They are so cute at this age and I hope they continue to love school the way they do now. So here's to starting off the new school year with a good day!!!


  1. Wow I can't believe you guys started school already, we don't start for another three weeks. I'm glad to hear Ashlyn did goog and that she enjoyed it!

  2. I love the picture...so cute!!