Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 7, 2010 Epcot

The sixth day started with a good breakfast to greet our friends goodbye. Kaylyn misses Parker the most and Ashlyn talks about Zoe all the time. I'll miss Chase's big blue eyes and Conor's talks. We'll also miss Jennifer and Steve and all the discussions about life and kids (of course we'll still keep in contact). Then we headed over to Epcot to do all the stuff we hadn't done the day before or wanted to do again (Soarin, The Land, Mission Space, Fast Track, The Seas, Spaceship Earth, etc...). When we got back to the hotel, we let Kaylyn and Ashlyn get caricatures done...boy were they expensive. They are currently framed and hanging on their bedroom walls now! Oh, and yes, I finally took pictures with Jason in them ;-)

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  1. The caricatures are cute!! Kaylyn's made me laugh because I know the story behind it :-).