Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 15, 2010 Ashlyn's Surgery

Ashlyn had surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids, and place tubes in her ears. The ENT said when she was out and they were able to feel really far back into her throat, they felt a submucous cleft palate. This isn't too big of a deal and explains why she has a bifid uvula (forked). A submucous cleft palate is between a normal palate and a cleft palate. It can cause fluid build up in the ears and cause you to talk nasaly, which fits Ashlyn to a T.

The surgery went well and recovery seemed to be going well until the third morning (2:30 am) she spiked a 102 fever and the post-op paper said to call if the patient spiked over a 101 fever. So we called the on-call doctor and she didn't know what she was talking about, so when the walk-in clinic opened the next day, we took her in. We figured it was constipation due to the pain medicine, so at 2:30 that morning, Jason went to Wal-Mart to get Milk of Magnesia and we gave it to her at 3:30 am. The on-call doctor said that constipation couldn't cause that high of a fever and she shouldn't be having bowel movements since she's not eating solids. The post-op paper said "102 fever or higher could be caused by one of the following two things: dehydration or constipation. The patient should be having a bowel movement at least every other day even though the patient is not eating solid foods." Needless to say, the on-call doctor is no longer our pediatrician and at the walk-in clinic the next morning due to the milk of magnesia and some prune juice, Ashlyn had a bowel movement before we were even called back. When we finally got called back, the doctor's took forever and she had another bowel movement. Then the doctor wanted to do a chest x-ray and urine sample. It took Ashlyn an hour to pee in a cup and she broke her fever. So that tells me that it was the constipation! What do these doctors know???

Day 11 after surgery, Ashlyn had a huge nose bleed and started bleeding down the back of her throat. We were in Tampa and ended up going to the ER after getting home that evening and she was still bleeding. There was nothing they could do, so we went home and waited it out. We took her to the ENT the next morning and he said that the tonsils looked great and it looked like the adenoids were bleeding a little bit. Since they are just veins, he wasn't too worried and said to only come back in a few days if the bleeding hadn't stopped. That night, the bleeding stopped! Everything has been great since! She doesn't snore anymore and I can see the back of her throat. Amazing!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had quite the week. Good to hear that she's doing better now!