Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st Grade Field Trip

Ashlyn had her first 1st grade field trip on Wednesday October 13th. We started out at FIT's Botanical Gardens. We had a tour guide that explained all the different plants and the kids collected different leaves for a science experiment later in class. After the gardens, we drove over to Fred Lee Park where the kids met with the other 1st grade class. We ate lunch here and played on the playground. Then we headed over to Publix where the kids were given a tour. The got to lick icing off their hands (thank goodness everyone hand sanitized before we got there). They each got a cookie. They watched a popcorn machine pop popcorn and then they were given a bag of it. They got to go in the walk-in fridge and freezer and watch the meat department make different kinds of meats (tenderized cube steak, ground beef, turn ground beef into hamburgers, etc...). The kids really enjoyed this!

We got back to the school around 1:00, so I went home and finished my workout early and then picked the girls up in car loop.

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