Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seatwork at School, Home Group Fair, & Field Trip

Ever since my last frustrated posting, Ashlyn is doing much better with seatwork. She's finishing without asking a hundred questions to the teacher or needing too much help from the assistant. I'm very happy about this. There's still small frustrations here and there with homework, but overall, it has improved greatly. We just need to work on her neatness with writing because when she concentrates on writing neatly, her handwriting is very nice, but when she doesn't concentrate, it's very sloppy. I'm very happy about the improvements on this and just wanted to share!

On October 1st, there was a home group night at church with food around the world. The girls got their faces painted, ate asian food and watched different cultural dances along with a puppet show with games. Ashlyn was in a contest on who could drink their mountain dew the quickest and stuff all their oreos into their mouths. Ashlyn got last place and never quite finished her mountain dew seeing as how she does not like soda! It was a pretty fun, free evening.

On October 7th, Kaylyn had a field trip to the Orlando Science Museum. They performed some experiments before exploring the museum. The 3rd grade classes seemed to really enjoy this.

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  1. I'm happy to hear Ashlyn is doing better with the school work. Parker also has sloppy handwriting and has to be constantly reminded to take his time. Parker had three fields trips this last week, I only got to go on one since it was such short notice, hopefully I will post the pictures soon.