Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Kaylyn got strep throat and was out of school Wednesday and Thursday, but we got her make-up work while she was out of school and did it. She made up all her tests on Friday and made 100s on all of them. This child is unstoppable.

So we went to the Pumpkin Patch Friday October 22nd. This was Ashlyn's first time to one. They rode the hayride, took lots of pictures, and picked a pumpkin out. The girls seemed to really enjoy this.

Today we had Kaylyn's swim meet. Since she was out sick for a couple of days this week she missed the second swim practice and was probably still a little weak from recovering. But boy oh boy...was she a poor sport! This child cannot stand to lose and boy does it show. She's very competitive and when she loses she gets very upset, talks meanly to Jason and I, and can cry. We just want to pull her out of there for behaving like this...but it's so hard to do that. She really enjoys swimming and we're hoping she learns that she can be a winner even though she does not place first. It's probably one of the hardest lessons for her.

We're probably going to Boo at the Zoo tonight, so I will post pictures after. But here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch.


  1. Poor girl strep throat is the worst. Hope she's back to herself soon.

  2. Oops...guess I should read from the bottom up about the swim meet. Ya know, it's hard for anyone to lose, but I'm sure teaching the lesson of 'it's not about whether you win or lose, but whether you gave your best effort and can be proud of that' is a really hard one. She'll start to get it soon, I'm sure...hang in there!

    I love the last pic of the girls with their pumpkins too...they look so happy!