Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colonial Day, Ocean Diorama, & Historical Museum

November 4th, Ashlyn's class had Colonial Day.  Unfortunately, Jason and I could not attend since we were trying to save some vacation time for our upcoming vacation.  One of the moms was nice enough to send me some pictures from the day!

The 2nd grade had to make a diorama on a habitat of their choosing.  Ashlyn chose to do the ocean.  She wrote a report on the ocean and its inhabitants after a little research (and making a main idea web with details).  She actually did pretty well on this.  She only needed a little help when she made the conclusion.  She will have to do an oral report on this next week, so we will need to prepare her for this.  The teacher said she's improving a little bit each week on her comprehension skills and writing skills.  The tutor, the teacher, and us are working very hard with her to try and get her at the right level with this and it's slowly paying off.  We are very proud of her for working so hard.  Here's her diorama:

On November 11th, the 4th grade had their Historical Museum.  Kaylyn presented herself as Princess Diana.  All the kids represented a historical person and they all did a wonderful job.  The school was allowed to come through and see the museum and if a person rang your bell, you had to go through your life's history in less than 2 minutes.  They did a report on their person and made a presentation board.  Kaylyn did a really good job on her report!  I'm very proud of her.


  1. Wow what neat things they are doing. Were busy doing book reports and Parker has a big model he's putting together of the planets. These kids do so much more than I did at this age!

  2. They're both doing so well with school - that's awesome! Doesnt seem like that long ago that Kaylyn was so shy, and now she's presenting in front of everyone. Ashlyn has made amazing progress in the almost two years that she's been apart of our lives!!

    Love you guys! Can't wait to see you guys!