Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 26th Post Thanksgiving Gathering at Mom's House

The Saturday after Thanksgiving my dad and mom (Wai-gong & Wai-po) had a family get together since some of the family was gone for Thanksgiving.  Grandpa & Grandma Drago came over from Winter Haven, Aunt Dawn, Mia, Mamaw, Aunt Arrietta, Riley, Tommy and his two daughters, Uncle Tim, Taylor, Aunt Jessica, and Shyanne all came over.  There was food, football, and fishing.  It was nice spending time with the family.

 Dad (Wai-gong) & Grandpa Drago

 This is me looking back at Jason after he was antagonizing me.  See the look of death ;-)

 Uncle Tim


 Mia and Aunt Jessica

 Lil Miss Shyanne

 Aunt Jessica sporting a Gator shirt (ironic since she's rooted for the Noles all these years).

Ashlyn looking like she's getting ready to get into something.
 Grandma Drago

 Aunt Arrietta & Mamaw

 Mom & Dad (Wai-po & Wai-gong)

 Wai-po acting all weird after I told her that she hardly ever smiles in pictures.

 Aunt Jessica's Softball team won the trophy this season and Dad's company sponsored their team.

 Aunt Arrietta & Tommy (her "friend")

 Mia, Taylor, & Riley fishing

 Uncle Tim & one of Tommy's daughters fishing.

 Daddy fishing.

 Kaylyn going out to fish.

 Coolest rainbow I've ever seen (touched one side of the water and went full half circle to the other side of the water and you could see where it touched the water).

 Daddy caught a Red Drum.

 Measure at 14.5" long...too short to keep.

Mommy fishing.

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