Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14- Day 1 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Yesterday, Friday July 13th, we drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It took 11 hours, with 1.5  of those hours through Atlanta, Georgia alone.  We finally arrived and stopped at Mount Vernon Restaurant for dinner per recommendation of the local Aid Rite pharmacist.  It was a little pricey, but pretty good.

Saturday July 14th, we headed to Ruby Falls and walked the cave to the underground waterfall.  It was just as cool as eight years ago when we went.  When we finally got to the falls, we had our family picture taken and realized a couple minutes later it turned out really bad, so we went to go get another one.  When the guy took our picture the lights went out and the falls didn't come out so good in our picture :-(  I think that happened to us eight years ago too.  But Jason got a cool picture of just the falls before the family picture.  When we came out of the cave, we ate lunch at their little outdoor cafe.

After lunch, we headed to Rock City.  We walked the Enchanted Trail to the Lookout Point, Lover's Leap, Caverns, and a swinging bridge.  Then we headed over to their 2012 Raptor's Bird Show.  It was really neat because they walked up and down the isles with the birds so you got an up close and personal view of each bird.  Some of them even flew over our head a few times.  Only problem was we couldn't have the flash on when taking pictures, so a lot of the pictures didn't come out so well.

After Rock City, we went across the street to Starbucks and got a drink to quench our thirst.  Then we headed up to the Incline Railway to ride the train down a steep incline for about a mile.  Once we got off the train and went through the gift shop, we got back on the train to travel backwards back up the incline.  It was so steep, it was hard to stay sitting straight up in the chair.  After we got back up, we got in our car and drove to dinner at Pizza Hut and headed back to the hotel for a normal night sleep.