Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 17- Day 4 at Paris Landing

Today  the Wai-gong took Daddy and the girls on the boat around Kentucky Lake and did some knee boarding.  Kaylyn actually made it up on the knee board and stayed up for a while.  Ashlyn doesn't have very much upper body strength, so she laid on the board and held on for a brief time.  They were both very proud of their accomplishments!

After quick showers, we went to Paris Landing Resort Park for a picnic lunch.  We let Wai-gong, Aunt Kara, and Uncle Chris take the girls on the boat to meet us over there.  After eating lunch, we made our tie dye shirts to do our family pictures in tomorrow.  After we put the rubber bands and dyed them, we wrapped them in saran wrap for overnight to really soak in, and tomorrow we'll rinse them thoroughly before wearing.  We'll see how they turn out tomorrow :-)

Grandma Drago & Uncle Jack

Grandpa Drago

Wai-gong, Ashlyn, & Mommy

Sophia & Wai-po


Aunt Jessica, Tyler, Shyanne, & Nick

Uncle Chris & Wai-gong

Nick, Chris, & Peter

Uncle Jack, Aunt Dorothy (Dot), & Grandpa Drago

Half of the gang

The other half of the gang

Kalia & Uncle Chris


Sophia & John

Aunt Kara & Wai-po

Tyler & Aunt Jessica


Kalia & Uncle Chris



Evan & Aunt Jessica


Eva, Wai-po, & Corey

Uncle Chris
While Kalia was down for her second nap, Wai-gong took the girls back on the boat to go on the raft being pulled by the boat.  After that, the girls went swimming, took showers, and then we headed to Wai-gong & Wai-po's cabin for dinner.  It was cajun night and was really yummy!  Then we all played trivia/riddles and each won a prize.  It was a very fun evening.

Johanna, Karina, & Rachael

Kaylyn, Ashlyn, & Shyanne

Kaylyn, Daddy, & Ashlyn

Ashlyn, Kalia, Kaylyn, Uncle Chris, & Shyanne


Chris, Jesse, Barb, Corey, Sophia, Eva, John, & Shyanne's back

Grandpa Drago

Wai-po & Aunt Jessica

Chris (Evan's friend) & Jesse

Ashlyn, Kaylyn, & Lily

Will & Al

Mommy, Wai-gong, & Wai-po

Ashlyn, Daddy, & Diana

Wai-po, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kara, Kalia, Ashlyn, Daddy, & Diana

Aunt Kara & Kalia

Wai-po & Mommy

Janet with Uncle Jack, Al, Catherin, Kirk, Melinda, & Chris in the back

Back L to R: Nick, Doug, Barb, Jesse, Peter, Nick, Bo Corey, & Eva
Front L to R: Robin, Will, Jeremiah, Karina, Johanna, Rachel, Lili, Chris, Alma
Table F to B: Ashlyn, Kaylyn, Shyanne, Jazleen

Grandma Drago & Mommy

Aunt Dot & Uncle Jack

Grandma Drago, Mommy, Diana, & Aunt Dot (Wai-po is behind Aunt Dot)

Catherine, Kirk, Melinda, & Chris


Aunt Dot

Aunt Dot, Grandpa Drago, & Uncle Jack

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