Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18- Day 5 at Land Between the Lakes

Today we headed out to Wrangler's Campground & Stables to go horseback riding for 90 minutes.  It was pretty neat, but they put Kaylyn on a horse that had only been there for a week and her saddle kept going sideways (guide had to get off her horse about 5 times during the ride to straighten her saddle).  Kaylyn had a miserable time and was scared.  The horse kept wanting to go to the front and wouldn't stop when the reigns were pulled back.  The guide eventually roped the horse and walked it alongside with her.  I was very annoyed that they had done that with a child on a new horse.  Kaylyn's horse was named Texas, Ashlyn's horse was named Dustin, Shyanne's horse was named Scout, my horse was named B. B., and Jason's horse was named Halo.  Most of the horses were pretty good.  Ashlyn's feet kept coming out of the stirrup because they were too long for her, but her horse was very good, so it didn't worry me as much as Kaylyn's.  We saw at least three deer and a turtle.

Tonight, we will be hosting dinner with Wai-gong, Wai-po, Aunt Kara, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jessica, and Uncle Adam.  We are making a salad for 40+ people, Wai-gong is making Brazilian Chicken, Aunt Kara is making a potato casserole, and Aunt Jessica is making dessert.  After dinner we will be taking family pictures and then a talent show.  I will post more on this later, so check back on this post later.

The talent show was pretty good.  There was some dancing, singing, jokes, and a historical information lesson.  Ashlyn wanted to sing Our God is Greater, but has trouble remembering the words, so Daddy stood behind her and helped her with the words.  She started to get so embarrassed she actually was crying while trying to sing.  It was sad and cute.  Kaylyn told a few jokes that she had prepared for the talent show that she missed at the end of 4th grade.  Everybody loved it!  Everyone got prizes for being the Most something.  Kaylyn was for the Most Funny and Ashlyn's was for the Most Brave.

Isaura (Abuela)

Evan & Chris

Karina & Felix

Peter & Chris

Heberth & Lili

Felix, Heberth, Peter, & Janet

Last Two Generations Drago Clan
Parents' Generation Drago Clan
Oldest Generation of Dragos

Entire Drago Clan

Dan Drago Clan

Uncle Jack Drago Clan

The Drago Brothers

Uncle Bill Drago Clan

Eva & Sophia (sisters)

Bob Drago Family with Grandparents

Janet Drago Clan

Chris & Family

Uncle Dan's Family & Grandparents

Bo, Rachael, Johanna, Peter, & Karina

Chris & Jeremiah

Wai-gong telling the history of how the Drago clan came to be

Uncle Jack telling the family how his Mother & Father met to start the Drago Clan

Nick & Lily showing the kids how to do the Cuban Shuffle

Nick and his flexible hands

Eva, Sophia, & Corey whistling Don't Worry Be Happy

Shyanne singing

The girls with their prized headbands

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  1. Love the shirts! Looks like you guys are having an awesome time with family!