Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 6, 2012 Championship Volleyball & Swim Meet

Today we had a busy day.  Kaylyn had her last volleyball game, and if they won this game, they played in the championship game right after.  Well, they won their game, so they played Holy Trinity for the championship.  The lost that game, but their team got a runner-up trophy!  I could see the kids improve over the season, which was really neat.  Each time the kids got more confident, the better they played.  All it took was winning one game, and their confidence soared!  It was an awesome season.

Ashlyn and I had to leave during the championship game to volunteer our time with Face of Change.  It was a food packaging event to feed 100,000 Brevard county residents.  We packaged macroni, cheese bags and filled over 5 boxes at our table.  We volunteered our time through GEMS and it was really neat.  I stole a picture from the face of change facebook website, where we were caught in the background waiting for our table to open up to package food.

After the volunteer time, we headed over to catch Kaylyn's 2nd swim meet.  I got to see her swim in the 50 yard freestyle, where she placed 2nd among her heat.  She was so upset for not getting 1st, but she beat her time from last week, which we tried to tell her was awesome.  We have to play the game again that if she has this sort of attitude at another swim meet, we will pull her from the team.  She is way too competitive and it leads to poor sportsmanship attitude, which we will not tolerate this year.  She was getting ready to swim in the 50 yard butterfly, when the meet was halted due to thunder.  It poured and thundered for about 30 minutes, and then a flash of lightning came, so the meet was called.  They got up to event 17 though, so Kaylyn got to swim 2 of her 5 events.  Not sure if they will reschedule this meet or not.

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