Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve we went over to Mamaw Justice's house and brought pizza.  Got to see Mamaw, Aunt Amy, Tyler, Wai-gong, and Uncle Steven.  Later we headed to Mamaw Hannan's house to have some chili.  We saw Mamaw, Wai-po, Wai-gong, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Adam (with his brother, sister, nephew, and dad), Tyler, Shyanne, Uncle Tim, Aunt Demi, Taylor, Aunt Arrietta, and Tommy.  We gave and opened presents at both Mamaw's houses.  Then we headed over to the 8:00 pm Christmas Eve service at church.  It was very nice!  Unfortunately we forgot the camera, so no pictures from this special occasion.

The next day we opened up presents at our house and then headed up to Nana & Papa's new house in New Smyrna.  We saw Nana, Papa, Grandma Edgemon, and Uncle Justin.  We gave and opened up presents and ate Christmas dinner here.  It was yummy!  The girls got to go outside and feed the seagulls at the lake in the back yard.


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