Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 19, 2013 - Kaylyn's 2nd Baskeball Game

Kaylyn had her second basketball game today.  She played more today than last week.  She did amazing this week.  She showed herself to be more aggressive with the ball and she tried for three shots and actually made one.  We did not bring the camera this week to take pictures either, but luckily one of the parents actually filmed her making the shot and sent it to me.  As this parent said, "Out of NOWHERE Kaylyn SHOOTS and she SCORES! Small but MIGHTY! Our secret weapon!"  It was so awesome, I think I got a tear in my eye for how proud I was at that moment!

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  1. YAYYYYYYYY KAYLYN!!! You go girl! Before you know it you'll be dunking on girls twice your size! Grandma and I a super proud of you. You deserved all that screaming I heard! :)

    Love you - Grandma and Grandpa Drago