Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 5, 2013 - American Girl Best Friend Cover Contest

The first couple of pictures is Kaylyn doing her Smithsonian T-rex dig kit she got from Santa.  It's a block of sediment that has T-rex bones inside and you use tools just like a palentologist to dig out the bones and then put them together.  Kind of cool.

The last pictures are of her and one of her best friends.  Her best friend slept over and they entered a contest for American Girl to try and make the cover of one of their magazines.  They had to write 500 words or less about their friendship and then send a picture in.  Here is the summary they wrote:

Dear American girl,

We have known each other since we were very little.  In those years we had done lots of things together, like camping in the Keys and going camping at Disney. We had lots of fun together. Both of us like American girl. We love to share the historical dolls’ stories. We like to read your magazines together. What is funny is that we sing the same, at the same note! Both of us have American girl dolls. Shelby has Kaya, Felicity, Kit, and Josefina. Kaylyn has Kanani, McKenna, Julie, Caroline, and a My American Girl doll. We really like the new doll Sage. She really looks like Shelby (left) and McKenna looks like Kaylyn (right). It was fun picking out the clothes for our picture. We laughed and smiled at the outfits we made. The hardest part was getting Kaylyn’s braid done. Anyway, back to the adventures we had. Camping in the Keys with no electricity and no freshwater was quite a thrill for us. We saw dolphins and octopuses and all kinds of crabs and many species of fish. We had water right outside our campsite! So we got to catch minnows whenever he got the chance. Disney was easier since there were no raccoons stealing our food (like at the Keys) and bathrooms were closer to us. They had showers and electricity. We did many things there, even some we don’t remember. Anyway, in the future we have to have many more adventures together. We do not know what may lie ahead of us, but we hope that we have more fun than we did before!

-Shelby S. and Kaylyn B.

This was the picture we entered