Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 5 & 9, 2013 - Basketball Games

Kaylyn's 4th basketball game was on February 5th.  I can see some real improvements on the team.  The team as a whole is getting more aggressive and some of the players are actually trying for baskets now, especially the taller girls.

Kaylyn's 5th basketball game was on February 9th.  She didn't play much and I'm not sure why, but when she was finally put in, she scored a basket.  This was her 3rd basket scored in the games.  I was so proud of her.  It was one of those swoosh kind of baskets too because it didn't even touch the rim.  Amazing!  I'm so proud of how she's improving on all the sports this year!  Pictures didn't come out that great since they were done on my phone.

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  1. Congrats again Kaylyn! It's great to hear that your team is doing well and that you're contributing to the effort. I think you must be being influenced by MJ turning 50 this week. (No ... it's not Michael Jackson!)

    Grandma and I are going to be at next weekends game ... so make sure you keep a basket or 2 available for us to see.

    Love you - Grandma and Grandpa