Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December 22, 2010

Going back in time to tell you about something that happened to our family a few weeks ago...

Yeah…so the morning of Wednesday 12/22, I guess it was about 2:00 am, Jason woke up with chest pains and thought it was heartburn. He got back in bed and was shivering the entire bed with no fever for at least an hour. When he woke up, his chest was tight and had severe pain in his chest when breathing that radiated through his back. With his heart conditions, I made him at least go to urgent care that morning and the doctor ended up feeling more comfortable if he was ambulanced over to the hospital (thought it could be his heart), so the ambulance came and got him from urgent care (he had a panic attack when the EMTs came in the room…lips turned blue and wasn’t getting oxygen, so they put him on oxygen and he got better). They got him to the hospital and took a chest x-ray, did a cat scan, and did some blood work. His white blood cell count was tripled the normal, so they suspected infection and the x-ray and/or cat scan confirmed that it was pneumonia. As soon as he got there, they put him on morphine and anti-naseua medicine to help with the chest and back pain. They put him on IV antibiotics when they saw it was pneumonia and before they let him go, they gave him more morphine. We got him the antibiotics prescribed, and by the next morning, the chest and back pains were gone, but the chest tightness was still there until Sunday 12/26. They said that if he would’ve waited another day or two, he would’ve been admitted for about a week.

The funny thing was that he showed no “normal” symptoms of pneumonia…no coughing or cold like symptoms. Just the chest pain radiating through his back. It was because it was directly in his lung and not in the bronchial airways. Who would’ve figured?!?! Anyways, he’s better now, but it sure seems like everyone’s been sick over the last two weeks whether it be pneumonia, bronchitis, stomach flu, etc… Crazy sickness going around! As far as we know, it did not affect his heart, but because of the white blood count being so high, it probably affected his thyroid. He’s suppose to go back in a couple weeks and get another x-ray to make sure the pneumonia has completely gone away. He’ll probably get his TSH levels checked then too, to make sure his thyroid is going back to what it should.

Let's just say, I'm glad my husband is ok...and he sure did give us a scare! I told him that he wasn't allowed to do that again ;-)


  1. Wow how scary, I'm glad to hear he's doing better!

  2. Dad filled me in on all of this while I was in HI...I meant to email you to tell you that I was glad he was okay and that I hoped he was feeling better! How scary though...and I'm sure you were so emotionally fatigued after Papaw too. I think that's why Mom didn't tell me initially...I actually talked to Kaylyn and Ashlyn for a few minutes on the fishing dock that day, but I think Mom thought I couldn't handle any more emotional stress, so she was waiting to say something till she knew everything was okay. I'm glad Jason's okay and I'm glad that you made him go to the Urgent Care place! Crazy though that if he didn't have a heart condition, he would've gotten much worse before he got one would've thought to send him to Urgent Care!

    Love you guys!