Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disney Vacation Day 8 - 01/02/11

Day 8 was spent at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney. We only did a little bit since Kaylyn was still feeling queasy. You see, she either got food poisoning yesterday or a stomach bug. She did not run a fever, so my guess is food poisoning from the chicken she ate for lunch. Around 8:00 pm we were eating dinner in the Pop Century Hotel's food court when Jason started to take Kaylyn back to the room since her stomach was bothering her. On the walk out of the food court, in front of the registers, Kaylyn just full on tossed her cookies. A lady came by and asked Jason if he needed her to go get her mommy (he thought that was really funny). She felt better after that, but then lost it a few more times throughout the night, including all over the bed at 1:00 am and again at 3:30 am, feeling better after each time.

She kept water down after that and ate some frosted flake for breakfast in the morning (took an hour to eat the small container). We went to Disney Quest and got right on the Pirates of the Caribbean, Raft ride, and Aladdin. We did a few more things, ate lunch (everyone except Kaylyn) and decided to head back home.

We went to my mom's when we got back in town to see my cousin John from Indiana and my dad made dinner. Kaylyn ate some chicken and did fine. At least Kaylyn decided to get sick the last night of the vacation...like she had a choice :-) Sorry no pictures for this day...I think Jason got tired of taking pictures finally.

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  1. The stomach flu was really going around everyone in our family got it right after Christmas and everywhere we travel to, Northern California and Southern Oregon our relatives had just had it.
    I've been joking with the kids that Santa must have left his germs at everyones houses.