Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disney Vacation Day 5 - 12/30/10

Day 5 was spent at Epcot doing all the countries and doing Soarin at the end since we missed it the other day (got fast passes as soon as we got there). The kids like doing the Kidcot centers at each country. Ashlyn loves China, and we bought outfits for the Chinese New Year celebration coming up in February. Kaylyn left Ashlyn's hat at the Kidcot center in China at Epcot and by the time we realized it, someone else had a new hat! We did the Kim Possible mission at Norway this time and we said we would do it only if we did one country and that was it. It's so time consuming (and the kids fight over whose turn it is with the phone). Notice the neat effect taking the picture as the sun is going down at the waterfall in Canada (it reflected the girls). Very strange, but neat!

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