Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disney Vacation Day 7 - 01/01/11

Day 7 was spent at Animal Kingdom, where we rode all the rides and saw all the shows. Ashlyn was finally able to ride the Primeval Whirl. Back in July when we came she was just under the 48" mark and couldn't ride, but if you look at the picture, she's well over 48" now. Last I measured her, she was 50". She's grown 3 1/2 inches and gained 10 lbs over the last year. Amazing! She was scared on the Dinosaur ride, but when Kaylyn said she liked it and wanted to do it again, Ashlyn changed her tune, and said she wasn't scared and wanted to do it again. So we did it again! In the picture, Ashlyn still looks a little scared, but she said she liked it. It was loud and bumpy. We should've taken a picture of the picture that was taken of us on the Everest ride, because Ashlyn's smile was so big...she absolutely loves the pure roller coaster rides. Wonder what she'll think of an upside down one when we decide to let her do it!

On another note, I wanted to say, Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart of 13 years today! I love you so much Jason. Oh yeah, and Happy New Years!


  1. Yeah Ashlyn got to ride the ride! I can't believe how much she has grown and her hair too!

  2. You guys all look so happy here!! HAPPY 13th Anniversary!!! Holy cow, you guys are getting old...13 years?!?! crazy!!!

    It looks like you guys had an amazing vacation...so much fun!! Well, minus Kaylyn getting sick...I really think somehow she's got my genes in there too somewhere...she's entirely too much like her Aunt Kara in some ways!